Maxxsure's Mission

We partner with customers to achieve cyber resilience through a shared and measurable Risk-Aware Lifestyle™ using the M-Score™

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Our Advantage

Companies lack a common language surrounding cyber risk and need a comprehensive measurement that accounts for all potential sources of exposure beyond just the technical.

Maxxsure gives you the tools to continuously assess, diagnose and mitigate holistic business risk and enable cyber resilience through a shared Risk Aware Lifestyle that permeates throughout organizations.

Who We Are

What Maxxsure Delivers

Comprehensive Solutions

Most comprehensive cyber risk quantification solution.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring, diagnosis and mitigation that allows management to adapt strategy to best take action to protect their most important assets.

Measurable Insights

Measurable insights drilling down into where organizations can improve security posture

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Why Companies Trust Us

“Maxxsure has provided us with highly personalized service.  They helped us identify how to best address our cyber security challenges and find some immediate wins.” 

“Maxxsure has helped our company experience a risk aware culture shift through the creation and adoption of new security policies.  We use our M-Score to educate our board on where we stand with respect to risk as an organization.”  

Trusted by top brands around the globe

Words From Our Co-Founder Shawn Wiora

Shawn in his prior role as Chief Information Officer at the largest owner/operator of long term care facilities in the State of Texas, performing a sit down interview for virtualization giant VMware.


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