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Cyber Risk Challenges

Cyber risk represents a growing area of concern for executive management, observing that even some of the most well-resourced companies who adhere to rigorous governance standards with robustly funded cybersecurity programs continue to fall victim to cyber incidents and their far-reaching consequences. The susceptibility to attacks lies beyond merely the technical realm, yet many organizations do not know how to identify the complete spectrum of vulnerabilities outside of what compliance audits, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests will detect.

Maxxsure developed a solution that addresses organizations’ need to accurately identify and quantify cyber risks across the wide array of internal and external variables, in addition to estimating financial loss potential and cyber insurance coverage gaps. By framing cyber in business terms understood across technical and non-technical leadership and by providing a defensible framework for risk management decision-making, executives can right-size investments into cyber budgets and initiatives.

Who We Are

Maxxsure Solutions:
Making Cyber Risk Manageable

Maxxsure provides a platform for executive management, leveraging proprietary technology that identifies, measures, and scores a company’s cyber risks, uncovers hidden risks in business models (including vendors and supply chain), illustrates preparedness and resiliency against a cyber event, and estimates potential financial loss.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Our unique approach collects and curates data spanning internal and external factors, ensuring a thoroughly informed calculation of cyber risk.

Rigorous Cyber Risk Quantification

Maxxsure created a data-driven and defensible methodology to produce a cyber risk rating that accounts for the complete continuum of People, Process & Technology on a scale from 0-1000, 1000 representing the maximum attainable cyber risk score. This metric is known as the M-ScoreTM. In addition, Maxxsure calculates estimated financial loss from a cyber incident.

Detailed Insights for Decision-making

Maxxsure generates detailed M-Scores at the element, workload, pillar, and enterprise levels, delivered in a user-friendly platform that allows organizations to prioritize and manage risks to protect the most important and vulnerable assets first. Wherever they may be starting their cyber risk management journey, teams can produce a customizable roadmap that scales with their business from across any industry, size, or geographic region.

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Why Companies Trust Us

“Maxxsure has provided us with highly personalized service.  They helped us identify how to best address our cyber security challenges and find some immediate wins.” 

“Maxxsure has helped our company experience a risk aware culture shift through the creation and adoption of new security policies.  We use our M-Score to educate our board on where we stand with respect to risk as an organization.”  

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A Word from Maxxsure's Co-Founders

Shawn Wiora and Srik Soogoor discuss the origins of the M-Score and how it serves as a foundation for organizations to make data-informed decisions concerning the adoption of cyber risk remediation measures and to evaluate insurance coverage needs.


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