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The industry’s first M-Score™ is a framework-based quantification of a company’s overall cyber risk strategy.

Maxxsure helps businesses understand where their cyber security posture is in relation to industry standard frameworks. This is done by quantifying their risk with M-Score™. This cyber score rates overall cyber risk including the effectiveness of the company’s cyber management, cyber risk, exposure and cyber supply chain management.


M-Score™ enables organizations to quantify and better understand their cyber security risk. Learn more about how M-Score™ can help your organization measure, manage, and mitigate cyber risk.


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Industry Specific

Maxxsure offers industry-specific framework and risk model scoring. Maxxsure’s M-Score™ can score an entire organization, certain divisions, or even specific devices according to multiple frameworks.


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Cyber Insurance Consulting

Maxxsure gives companies the leverage to negotiate for policies with extended coverage and lower premiums. Find out how Maxxsure provides assistance to obtain an accurate cyber insurance policy.


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