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Organizations seeking to analyze and manage cyber risk encounter some
common and uncommon challenges with everchanging environments both internally
and externally. Put simply it is difficult to make sense of risk without having a common understanding of all the factors that (taken together) contribute to risk and the relationship between these factors.

The level of risk to an organization varies widely based on the environment, people,
processes, and other external factors.

Maxxsure’s M-Score goal is to help organizations to score the risk, standardize, and
quantify the risk.


Definition: M-Score is a comprehensive cyber risk score of an organization on a scale of 1 to 1000, with 1 being poor cyber risk, and 1000 being best cyber risk. 

Process: Maxxsure collects thousands of variables from the organization and applies AI/Machine Learning techniques to calculate M-score.

Results: Once an organization quantifies their risk and obtains their M-Score, they can make more informed, confident, and proactive decisions while reducing risk and exposure.

Difference: Maxxsure is the thought leader in cyber risk quantification and risk transference. Maxxsure has some of the best people in the industry helping companies understand and reduce their risk exposure.