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The 2019 publication of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Risks Report projects that cyber attacks will rank as the 5th greatest risk to our world for the next decade. With this assessment supported by extensive research and analysis conducted by the WEF, the world as a whole will need to place higher priority on managing cyber risk. Cyber security is no longer just an IT concern; cyber security is everyone's concern.

As CEO, cyber security is a significant factor to consider in managing your business. The SEC has released a statement saying that it is their expectation and requirement of any company to understand, quantify, and communicate the cyber risk to your company with as much insight as possible to investors.

“Item 503(c) of Regulation S-K and Item 3.D of Form 20-F require companies to disclose the most significant factors that make investments in the company’s securities speculative or risky. Companies should disclose the risks associated with cybersecurity and cybersecurity incidents if these risks are among such factors, including risks that arise in connection with acquisitions”.

The SEC is clear about their expectations, declaring that companies must produce “disclosure that is tailored to their particular cybersecurity risks and incidents” - a mandate only attainable through sophisticated quantitative analysis customized to suit your business.

As your company’s chief, you weigh the risks at play and know that it is both your fiduciary responsibility and vital necessity to invest in the security of your company’s assets - intellectual, digital, and relational. Furthermore, you want to go about making this complex investment in the most cost-effective, resource-efficient, and value-productive way.

How We Can Help

Maxxsure provides your company with solutions you need for quantifying cyber risk, giving you access to best-in-class tools for risk remediation and for identifying opportunities for risk transference. By providing you with practical analytics to create your unique company profile and monitor your cyber security posture, Maxxsure enables your organization to construct both powerful and fine-tuned approaches for risk management.

With Maxxsure, you not only have a way to diagnose, manage, and communicate your risk, but you have an opportunity to position your company’s risk management program as a value proposition to customers.

Through the excellent performance and knowledge of your risk management program, you can reassure customers and shareholders alike that your company is secure and that your products are safe to utilize. Maxxsure is an acquisition turned asset as it increases your company’s valuation through the protection of every other asset, bringing security to your company and your customers. The result is growth in your customer base and improvement in retention rates.

Maxxsure provides the competitive tools you need to ensure that your analysis and decision-making are as hard-hitting and timely as the threat itself, to help you manage the worries of today and keep you looking ahead at what may come tomorrow. Maxxsure is more than a software solution; we are your trusted advisor in evaluating these options in order to help you improve your cyber security posture and sustain it for the long-term.

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