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The Six Pillars Of Cyber Risk Assessment


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What Are The Six Pillars?

We build our risk quantification model with six pillars at its core, each pillar representing a category of factors both internal and external to your organization. These pillars consist of industry factors, organizational factors, situational factors, governance standards, application vulnerability, and infrastructure vulnerability.

The product of Maxxsure's risk quantification model is your firm’s own unique M-Score™, a truly comprehensive evaluation of your cyber risk. We accompany the M-Score with detailed drill-down insights into the individual elements that positively and negatively influenced your score so that you can take a fully formed approach to prioritizing your next steps in determining how to mitigate and remediate risk, in addition to evaluating the option of transferring of residual risk through the purchase of cyber risk insurance.

Industry Factors

All companies are exposed to some level of cyber risk, but the most pressing issue facing the majority of companies today is industry-wide...

Organizational Factors

Most businesses believe that their organizations are being exposed to increased cyber risk because of growing complexity in the organization. With ever-greater...

Situational Factors Icon
Situational Factors

Maxxsure recognizes situational risk assessment as the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk related to a concrete situation and a...

Governance Standards

In a world of ever evolving governance, Maxxsure supports a number of industry specific frameworks which are customizable to industry-specific and organization-specific...

Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration testing evaluates the security posture of an organization by highlighting network vulnerabilities from hackers’ and insiders’ point of view...

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Organizations currently own or rent thousands of applications and software assets, along with myriad hardware and cloud environments. With this greater level...

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