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A Holistic Approach to Cyber Risk Management

Maxxsure provides the most comprehensive solution available today to quantify risk and translates it into strategy that your organization can execute to improve its security posture.


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Foundational Steps to Attain Cyber Resilience

The path to improving cyber security posture consists of three crucial steps. Maintaining cyber resilience entails continuously applying this cycle to instill a Risk Aware Lifestyle™ that encourages a proactive organization-wide approach to sustaining what works and strategically addressing areas of deficiency.


Paving the road to improved security posture starts with a multi-modality data capture process to create a data repository for subsequent analysis.


Maxxsure analyzes the collected data in combination with real-time data using its computational engine to compute your company’s unique M-Score. The inputs into this model span remediations, training, policy changes, new controls, campaigns, continuous scans, patch updates, social media changes, non-cyber projects, and many more variables.


Maxxsure offers custom dashboards, reports, and tools that promote conversations among the entire company leadership on how to operationalize programs that better manage risk.

What is M-Score?

The M-Score quantifies cyber security risk on a scale from 0 to 1,000, based on six pillars from which Maxxsure has derived a multitude of variables that comprise its proprietary scoring model.

The Six Pillars Of Cyber Risk Assessment

Our six pillars at the foundation of our M-Score consist of governance standards, industry factors, organizational factors, situational factors, application vulnerability, and infrastructure vulnerability.  Each pillar has many facets that influence a company’s cyber risk.

Comprehensive Dashboards & Data Accessibility

Get live updates on the health of your businesses security through Maxxsure's comprehensive dashboard and analytic tools. 

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