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Most businesses believe that their organizations are being exposed to continued cyber risk because of increasing complexity in the organization.

Employees are not following corporate security requirements because the perception is that if they follow the security requirements, they will not be productive. Employees also perceive these security policies as an hindrance to their ability to work in their preferred manner.

With increasing amounts of sensitive data stored, new technologies like Internet of Things (IOT) adopted a new cyber risk threats constantly emerging, companies need to adopt organizational risk metrics into their overall risk posture and planning activities.


Maxxsure’s iMomentum is based on the following patterns

Collect – Maxxsure’s team and our application collects internal data on the organization and external data from multiple sources.

Assess – The collected data is cleaned and assessed for any anomalies and ready for processing.

Compute – Maxxsure applies Big Data and AI/Machine Learning techniques to compute the overall M-Score.

Analyze – An organization can analyze the M-Score for risks, spending decisions and other operational metrics.

Report – Maxxsure M-Score is reported to all the stakeholders in realtime and feedback is collected.