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The M-Score™:

Cyber Risk Quantified


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Highest fidelity cyber risk rating solution in the market

The M-Score is a holistic quantification of cyber risk for an organization presented on a scale of 0 to 1,000. To effectively manage cyber risk, leaders require both a baseline measurement of their cyber risk posture and continuous benchmarking of progress toward cyber risk management goals. Maxxsure created the M-Score to serve both of these needs.

Computing the M-Score

To calculate the M-Score, Maxxsure collects comprehensive data spanning both internal and external factors that influence the cyber risk profile of a company. Maxxsure's proprietary algorithm computes a holistic M-Score for the entire organization, while also providing additional drill-down insights to the level of individual risks. 

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Baseline Cyber Risk Quantification & Benchmark Progress Toward Goals

This detailed level of reporting allows decision-makers to prioritize risk decision-making and the implementation of remediation measures that protect the most vulnerable and important assets first.

Continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring

The cyber threat landscape constantly changes, and so do organizations -- with respect to their staffing, tech stacks, digital and geographic footprints, and even their policies or business models. The M-Score serves as a compass for leaders to navigate an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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