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The M-Score™:

Your Company’s Risk - Quantified


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Calculating Your M-Score

The M-Score quantifies cyber security risk on a scale from 0 to 1,000, based on multiple pillars from which Maxxsure has derived variables that comprise its proprietary scoring model.

Your M-ScoreTM will be your one holistic measure to give the entire leadership team a consistent barometer of cyber security risk with transparency to properly manage your risk posture through management/monitoring, remediation, and transference via insurance.

How to Interpret Your M-Score

Companies with a high M-Score exhibit traits of self-control and risk awareness in their processes, systems, and products.

How do we know? We evaluate their controls, policies, processes, and risk probability; interrogate their infrastructure; and score their results.

Measure Success & Grow

The M-Score offers the organization a metric to prioritize initiatives, measure project success, and manage their cyber risk.

This Risk-Aware LifestyleTM reduces the likelihood of loss and frees the organization to innovate and grow.

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