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Case Study: Decision to Transfer Risk

The Client

Our client is a provider of governance, knowledge, and consulting expertise to 3,500 security and safety agencies.

The Challenge

Through use of the Maxxsure M-ScoreTM cyber risk management platform our client discovered their loss potential from a significant cyber incident would financially equate to 45% of annual revenue.
This loss would be 10x-15x larger than what their cyber insurance policy would offer coverage for.

The Decision

Having realized they are effectively self-insuring for more then what they can afford, our client is now actively in a leadership level review of the financial protection offered by the umbrella of insurance products they have in place.

The Results

The company was able to right-size the protection of financial livelihood and performance before a cyber incident potentially destroys their financial ability to continue operation.

About Maxxsure

Maxxsure offers the most comprehensive cyber risk quantification solution that establishes the foundation by which organizations can make data-driven and financially-vetted determinations as to how much risk to remediate, accept, or transfer via insurance policy adoption.

Maxxsure collects data from your organization and trusted third party resources, uses a robust model to compute your cyber risk -- your M-Score --  and communicates the factors that influence your score.  We enable continuous monitoring and provide the most precise estimates of financial loss potential.  This reporting equips your team to prioritize cyber initiatives that address your situation as it evolves.

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