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Case Study: Decision to Deter & Protect

The Client

Global leader in the high value collector market space for 50+ years.

The Challenge

CFO had financial concerns about the high contractual value at risk with their high-end clientele and implemented the Maxxsure M-Score cyber risk management platform to identify and quantify cyber risk and financial loss potential. During digital transformation plans to expand globally into offering digital products for sale via online auctions, our client decided to follow Maxxsure advice and adopt a security-by-design approach to their digital market launch.

The Decision

Maxxsure & partners provided client with a complete suite of cyber risk assurance review services.

  • Secure code review of the source code (created by a 3rd party software developer firm)
  • Security Assessment of system hosting governance and controls in place (managed by 3rd party hosting service provider)
  • Internal/external vulnerability assessment of the platform with remediation follow up to resolve findings

  • The client made the decision to proactively deter and protect against cyber risks.

    The Results

    Client launched an industry first trading and auction platform for digital collector items, gained first mover advantage market share and was able to protect and defend against several attempted cyber attacks and reverse engineering attempts.

    About Maxxsure

    Maxxsure offers the most comprehensive cyber risk quantification solution that establishes the foundation by which organizations can make data-driven and financially-vetted determinations as to how much risk to remediate, accept, or transfer via insurance policy adoption.

    Maxxsure collects data from your organization and trusted third party resources, uses a robust model to compute your cyber risk -- your M-Score -- and communicates the factors that influence your score. We enable continuous monitoring and provide the most precise estimates of financial loss potential. This reporting equips your team to prioritize cyber initiatives that address your situation as it evolves.

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