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S&P Global’s CRISIL and Maxxsure Team Up to Offer Next-Gen Cyber Risk Management Solution with Revolutionary Data

CRISIL and Maxxsure Partnership Handshake

Cyber management software will help global clients better understand potential risk for insurance with real data. Clients will also have access to the M-Score - a holistic quantification of cyber risk for an organization presented on a scale of 0 to 1,000.

CRISIL Global Research & Risk Solutions, the world's largest and top-ranked provider of high-end risk, data analytics and research services, has partnered with US-based Maxxsure, a leading provider of cyber risk management software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, to offer global clients a comprehensive cyber risk and cyber insurance analytics solution.

Maxxsure Announces External Cyber Risk Quantification

Maxxsure Announces External Cyber Risk Quantification
Maxxsure today announced the launch of Version 5 of the Maxxsure Cyber Risk Management Platform that features its newly unveiled External M-Score, a new cyber risk metric that quantifies cyber risk for an organization from an outsider perspective. Maxxsure incorporates the external M-Score into its existing Cyber Risk Management Platform, which the company has been honing since 2018 to holistically quantify both internal and external cyber risk for organizations. The external M-Score serves as a convenient medium through which organizations can continuously identify, quantify and manage cyber risks related to their external digital footprint.