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Maxxsure Collaborates with IGSA to De-Risk the Gaming Industry

Maxxsure Collaborates with IGSA to De-Risk the Gaming Industry

Maxxsure and IGSA join in facilitating education to the gaming industry for improved cyber resiliency.

Dallas, TX, June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ Maxxsure today announces its strategic Cyber Risk collaboration with the International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA). Together the collaboration now serves organizations across the global gaming community while promoting best practices through educational initiatives for cyber risk management. Cyber Risk is increasing and complicated by the high growth of online gaming.

"We're pleased to launch our collaboration with IGSA, and we share a commitment to de-risk the global gaming industry by building upon proven education and technologies that will make the gaming industry exponentially more cyber resilient," said Shawn Wiora, CEO at Maxxsure. "Cyber-attacks and technology failures can be devastating to organizations large and small, and there has never been a better time to partner with IGSA for promoting cyber education and methodologies necessary to avoid the growing array of cyber threats."

“Cyber Risk has been rapidly increasing for a long time," explained Srik Soogoor, President at Maxxsure. “As the gaming industry expands from land-based to online venues, risk has been increasing rapidly. Working with IGSA on the standards, education and knowledge sharing is directly beneficial to the gaming industry. The multi-dimensional nature of cyber risk needs to be simplified, and this collaboration with IGSA will help hundreds of companies.”

“Maxxsure offers vast educational information and a novel approach to managing, mitigating, and transferring cyber risk," said IGSA’s VP Mark Pace. "IGSA is committed to the mission of education and helping the industry learn how to better manage cyber risk is clearly within that scope."

“As more states move to legalize online casino and sports betting, my forward-looking and visionary partners such as IGSA are connecting with Maxxsure to strategically combat the massive rise in cyber-attacks. I have received notice from many gaming companies that have already been breached and heavily impacted, there is an absolute need for preventive medicine,” said John English, President and CEO of WEBE Worldwide LLC. “This dynamic partnership will provide the industry with powerful educational options and cyber risk management tools to increase cyber responsibility and assist operators and manufacturers in keeping their customer data and their source code safe.”

This collaboration also aligns with IGSA’s mission to identify and solve through standard innovative approaches issues that the gaming industry faces such as the continuous mitigation of risk as gaming expands its online presence and launches new products and markets.

About Maxxsure: Maxxsure makes cyber risk manageable for organizations with its robust cyber risk quantification solution called the M-ScoreTM and its Risk Management Platform. These tools provide a cyber risk management framework applicable to organizations of any size or industry, anywhere in the world. By facilitating rigorous interrogation of both the internal and external threat environment to comprehensively identify cyber risk, Maxxsure ingests this data into its proprietary algorithm to provide a highly accurate quantification of an organization’s cyber risk along with a translation into estimated financial loss potential. Equipped with this score and Maxxsure’s Risk Management Platform, organizations can optimize their decisions to accept, remediate, or transfer risks within their financial and operational parameters.

About IGSA: IGSA is pioneering cutting edge and innovative solutions for the global gaming industry with the mission of facilitating the implementation of solutions that empower suppliers, operators and regulators with the highest level of excellence, performance and innovation through collaboration and education. IGSA operates with integrity, fairness and transparency, believing that their standards will benefit the gaming industry by providing speed to market, innovation, value, and extended useful life. (www.igsa.org)

About WEBE Gaming: Based in Las Vegas Nevada WEBE Gaming is a leading business development firm with a global presence and a large network of gaming distributors, operators, and manufacturers. WEBE represents some of the largest names in the gaming sector and specializes in land based and online wagering, sports betting, and technology. WEBE has 36 years of gaming experience and has facilitated several history making partnerships.