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Learnings from the SolarWinds Incident

Learnings from the SolarWinds Incident

The SolarWinds product set is used by thousands of customers, working in the supply chains of countless others. At its core, the SolarWinds breach stems from improper governance and access control execution. As SolarWinds and the thousands of impacted customers work through the resolution of this breach, we must prepare ourselves for the next situation of this kind.

Good governance and a holistic approach to managing cyber risk are critical. Business leaders must commit to performing a comprehensive appraisal of their environment of applications, infrastructure, governance, and organizational factors while considering their organization’s unique industry, geography, and situational profile.

To make a lasting positive impact on cyber risk posture, organizations need to actively manage cyber risk on a continuous basis rather than limiting this exercise to annualized planning sessions, and leaders must formalize their cyber risk decision-making when evaluating their vulnerabilities.

We want to help you increase your cyber resiliency to minimize the effects of future events such as these. If we have learned anything in 2020, new events will occur, and we must be ready. Maxxsure offers a cyber risk management platform for businesses to perform all these functions: 

  • Conduct a holistic appraisal 
  • Actively manage cyber risk 
  • Memorialize decisions 
  • Continuously monitor for new vulnerabilities 
  • Provide executives with clear visibility into the cyber risk and loss potential. 

At Maxxsure, we are committed to unwinding the complexity of cyber risk and making cyber risk manageable for all types of organizations, no matter their size, industry, complexity, or cyber maturity. Contact us today if you would like to have a conversation about how we can help.