M-Score™ makes cyber security simple.




  • M-Score™ accurately assesses your cyber resiliency in comparison to the chosen industry standard framework(s) on a 1-1000 scale
  • Maxxsure provides a non-biased analysis of the critical cyber risk areas laid out by NIST 800-53



  • Once the top key cyber security threats have been identified, Maxxsure initiates the industry leading Manage-It Program to develop a plan to reduce those highest vulnerabilities
  • Maxxsure works closely with executives for strategic prioritization of cyber security infrastructure investments and risk transfer decisions.



  • Maxxsure provides consultative review and improvement of your cyber security posture after completing Maxxsure’s Manage-It Program
  • We understand that cyber hacking is continuously innovating to develop new threats. That’s why we not only prepare our customers with an Incidence Response Plan but provide a Global Breach Response Team both onsite and remote.
  • At the end of the day, we make our customers as secure as they possibly desire to be. By doing so, we give them leverage to negotiate the best premiums cyber insurance has to offer.


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